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Nick Santaniello

Nick Santaniello

Nick Santaniello heads up content at Northpass. He would like you to know that he feels most at home while reading or wandering through the woods. He's passionate about learning and Villanova Basketball, and thinks you should be, too.

Posts by Nick Santaniello

How to Build a Better Onboarding Program [Webinar]

What’s it worth to your company to have well-trained, productive employees who get up to speed faster and stay in their jobs longer?   Let's assume quite a bit.

The New Gig-Economy Ecosystem

The fast-growing “Gig-Economy” is quickly disrupting everything it touches, and in its wake a new breed of equally disruptive products and services is beginning to grow.

Onboarding Statistics [Infographic Series]

For most fast-growing companies, an exploding headcount is a cause for celebration. It's a sign of achievement and momentum. Growth is good. But operationalizing a workforce at a b...

The Mobile Learning Revolution: Why L&D Programs Must Adapt to Survive

The prolific explosion of mobile technology is driving fundamental shifts in how we live, work, and learn. Innovative business models and changing workforce dynamics are quickly ma...