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Provide Training Across Every Channel

  • Workforce training Easily create and share engaging online courses about your company's brand, products and operations.

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  • Customer trainingQuickly design and launch a branded customer training portal and certification program.

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  • Partner trainingEfficiently train partners on your products, sales programs, operations and compliance standards.

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World-Class Customer Service

  • Customer success From product onboarding to program success, most plans include a Customer Success Manager who is dedicated to your training initiative’s success every step of the way.

  • Ongoing support Maximize the value of a new feature or get assistance with an inquiry. Our online training experts are always available to help you succeed.

  • Knowledge base Access step-by-step guides on how to use Northpass’s features and materials that will help you become an expert in online training practices.

You're In Good Company

From the fastest-growing startups to Fortune 500 Enterprises, the world's best brands use Northpass to train employees, customers, and partners.

  • “Prior to Northpass, our onboarding process from received application to first job took around 14 days on average. Since implementing Northpass, we have been able to reduce our onboarding time to less than 2 days."

    Chance House
    Chance House, Head of Global Knowledge at Puls
  • "Thanks to the ease and scalability of the Northpass platform, a team of two people are now able to activate over 300 drivers per week."

    Ramon Castillo
    Ramon Castillo, Operations Analyst of Global Operations at Cabify
  • “Since using Northpass, we’ve been able to improve onboarding time by 30% by giving our Quality Providers training content when and where they need it.”

    Nicole Kitzman
    Nicole Kitzman, Director of Recruiting and Community at BabyQuip
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