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The Business Case for Digital Customer Education

Here's a sneak peek 👇

  • Reduce Costs  

    See how companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by switching from traditional to digital customer education strategies.

  • Improve Productivity 

    Free up 30% of CSMs time by eliminating live training and spend more time on revenue and retention activities - think relationship building, QBRs, success planning and more.

  • Elevate Customer Experience 

    80% of people are looking for speed and convenience when it comes to their customer experience, yet most B2B SaaS companies are still offering live one-to-one trainings that are slow and inconvenient for customers.

Download the Business Case

The business case lays out a clear rationale, ROI, and roadmap for digital customer education. I especially loved the comparison between traditional and digital customer education and the trade-offs businesses need to decide on.

Sumeru Chatterjee
Founder & Head of Community, CustomerEducation.org