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Transform the Way You Train Your Customers

business case for digital customer education

business case for digital customer education

Inside the Business Case for Digital Customer Education

Customer success and customer education leaders are reducing operational costs, improving team productivity and elevating the customer experience with digital customer education.

Here's a sneak peek 👇

  • Reduce Costs  

    See how companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by switching from traditional to digital customer education strategies.

  • Improve Productivity 

    Free up 30% of CSMs time by eliminating live training and spend more time on revenue and retention activities - think relationship building, QBRs, success planning and more.

  • Elevate Customer Experience 

    80% of people are looking for speed and convenience when it comes to their customer experience, yet most B2B SaaS companies are still offering live one-to-one trainings that are slow and inconvenient for customers.

The business case lays out a clear rationale, ROI, and roadmap for digital customer education. I especially loved the comparison between traditional and digital customer education and the trade-offs businesses need to decide on.

Sumeru Chatterjee
Founder & Head of Community, CustomerEducation.org