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Northpass Appoints Colin Day to its Board of Directors

iCIMS chairman brings extensive leadership experience to contribute to Northpass’ next wave of growth.  

How to Build a Better Onboarding Program [Webinar]

What’s it worth to your company to have well-trained, productive employees who get up to speed faster and stay in their jobs longer?   Let's assume quite a bit.

Challenge Accepted: Northpass Addresses the COVID-19 Crisis Head-on

Northpass provides complimentary learning solutions for healthcare-focused companies battling global emergency.  

The New Gig-Economy Ecosystem

The fast-growing “Gig-Economy” is quickly disrupting everything it touches, and in its wake a new breed of equally disruptive products and services is beginning to grow.

5 Instructional Design Best Practices

Simply put, instructional design in eLearning is the practice of creating engaging and productive online learning experiences that improve stakeholder performance and drive better ...

Onboarding Statistics [Infographic Series]

For most fast-growing companies, an exploding headcount is a cause for celebration. It's a sign of achievement and momentum. Growth is good. But operationalizing a workforce at a b...

Measuring Training Effectiveness

Could an aspiring runner ever become a record-breaking champion if she never kept track of how far and fast she runs while training? Probably not. Great athletes know that consiste...

Northpass Announces $4 Million Series A Investment to Accelerate Growth

We’re delighted to announce that Northpass has secured $4 million in Series A funding following a year of phenomenal growth. The round was led by Edison Partners, a New Jersey-base...

The Mobile Learning Revolution: Why L&D Programs Must Adapt to Survive

The prolific explosion of mobile technology is driving fundamental shifts in how we live, work, and learn. Innovative business models and changing workforce dynamics are quickly ma...

How to Improve Performance Management Through Training

Employees crave guidance from their managers in order to improve their workplace performance. Feedback and goal-setting are two examples of guidance that managers can provide their...

How To Prove the ROI (Return on Investment) of Your Online Training Program

As a training or operations professional, you’ve probably faced plenty of questions regarding ROI (return on investment) from colleagues when evaluating an online learning initiati...

What You Can Learn From The On-Demand Companies Who Are Revolutionizing The Way We Train

Something is happening in the on-demand economy at the intersection of training, operations, and product development. Companies that match a consumer with a provider, like Uber, Ly...

On-Demand Companies Sustain Exponential Growth By Prioritizing Learning

Preserve your brand’s integrity, improve operational efficiency, and scale your business with an on-demand training program that delivers results. 

Extending Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) With Customer Education

Insights from HubSpot, Segment Analytics Academy, and Talented Learning on the Role of Customer Education in Driving SaaS Success.

Why Customer Education Is The Investment That Keeps On Giving

Introduction The customer success landscape has changed. Technology companies are producing more complex software, which can often overwhelm customers during the onboarding process...

Introducing Northpass, the Enterprise Learning Platform for Modern Teams - Built for Ease and Flexibility

When we launched SchoolKeep, our goal was to empower educators to create and sell online courses. Soon after our launch in January of 2015, we gained traction with forward-thinking...

8 Ways Training Automation Helps You Attract, Onboard & Retain Customers

Okay, so marketing has done their job and brought a lead to the company. Sales has done their job and made that lead a customer. Now it's time to onboard that customer to make sure...

The Complete Guide To Employee Onboarding

Introduction to Onboarding Onboarding is a critical stage in any business relationship, whether it is with an employee, service provider, seller in a marketplace platform or B2B ch...

SMART Goals Template for Strategic and Data-Driven Managers

In today’s business climate, qualities such as agility and time-to-market are some of the most valued attributes in an organization. The race to execute on ideas, fail fast and piv...

Everything You Need to Know About Workforce 2.0

“Work” has a very different meaning today than it did just 10 years ago. A confluence of new technologies, cultural transformation and changing economic realities have made traditi...