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Let's Talk Pricing

Other learning management systems charge based on active learners, leading to unpredictable and surprise invoices. We don't do that. All Northpass plans have a fixed price for unlimited users, admins, and content.

Pricing That Works for You

We know you’re here to see pricing, but the truth is we customize pricing based on your needs. 
When you schedule a call with our team, we’ll work together to customize a plan that works for you and your budget.

All plans include:

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Unlimited Learners

Your pricing doesn't have to be a rollercoaster that goes up and down based on active learners. Pay one fixed price for as many learners as you want—forever.  


Unlimited Admins

We know your team is always changing; you shouldn't have to pay more every time you need a new seat for an admin. With Northpass, your price gives you unlimited seats.
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Unlimited Course Content

Scale your training program with total confidence. With Northpass, you can upload and update the learning content you need without restrictions.

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Is Northpass Right for You?


What types of companies use Northpass?

Most Northpass customers are mid-market and enterprise B2B technology companies—think Grammarly, Freshworks, Glassdoor, and Pipedrive—looking to improve the impact of their customer training programs.


What types of companies aren’t a good fit for Northpass?

We've engineered Northpass for companies and teams looking to scale their customer training programs. As a result, Northpass typically isn't a good fit for K-12, non-profits, higher education, independent consultants, coaches, and influencers.


How do companies use Northpass?

Companies use Northpass for various use cases. That said, the most common involve customer onboarding and ongoing product education aimed at increasing customer retention, reducing support costs, boosting product adoption, and more. 


What internal teams use Northpass?

Good question. We built Northpass to help teams across companies achieve their goals:

  • Customer Education teams use Northpass to deliver engaging learning experiences and certify their customers, resulting in increased retention, product usage, and NPS for trained customers.

  • Customer Success teams use Northpass to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and reach of their training program, which leads to higher retention and recurring revenue. 
  • Product teams use Northpass to drive adoption, source feedback, and make data-driven decisions that address the evolving needs of their customers. 

  • Marketing and Sales teams use Northpass to establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness, and boost deal velocity. 

  • Implementation teams use Northpass to accelerate onboarding so customers can realize product value ASAP. 

  • Support teams use Northpass to reduce costs and create operational efficiencies that enable them to serve more customers with fewer resources.

Do companies in other industries use Northpass?

Of course. While Northpass primarily serves B2B technology companies, other industries trust our learning platform, including those in healthcare, the on-demand economy, real estate, and more. 

The Features and Support You Need to Deliver High-impact Training

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Branding Capabilities

Customize your academy so that it aligns with other brand touchpoints along the customer journey.

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Customer Success & Support

Maximize the impact of training by tapping into a team committed to helping you and your customers grow.

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Course Creation

Easily develop courses and content relevant to individual learning needs.


Reporting & Analytics

Measure academy engagement and the impact it's having on customer outcomes.

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Powerful Automation

Connect Northpass with your tech stack and use learning data to power workflows and analytics.

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Flexible APIs

Embed your academy into your software or mobile app to create a seamless experience for your customers.


"Northpass’ Customer Success team worked hand-in-hand with us to ensure we had everything in place to succeed with online learning."

David O'Brien
Director of Customer Support at AgriWebb

The Results Speak for Themselves

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AgriWebb increases product adoption by 26% with Northpass.
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