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How to Master the Art of Training Content Creation

Actionable content creation tips for your online training program.

Today, more than ever before, on-demand training is at the heart of a business’ success. When consumer satisfaction can drive or hinder your brand growth, quality on-demand training is no longer an option, but a standard.

This course is the third of a five-part framework (Define > Outline > Build > Engage > Measure) for on-demand training success, and will give you practical tips for mastering training content creation.

After going through this course, you'll know all about:

  • Northpass' On-Demand Training Framework
  • How to properly design your content
  • How to create highly engaging videos
  • How to record audio like a professional
  • And much more!

Get started today by enrolling in our course, Master the Art of Training Content Creation, the third step in our On-Demand Training Framework.