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Nikki Engel ·

Dec 20, 2021

Northpass is an incredibly powerful learning management system (LMS) packed with a myriad of features that help you deliver a world-class online learning experience for your customers, employees and channel partners. And that’s something every Northpassian is proud of.

BUT, there are a few features that we’re particularly proud of. I’m talking about Northpass for HubSpot, Custom Templates and Custom Properties. 

Northpass for HubSpot: Bringing Key Stakeholders Together

Are you tired of operating in a silo from other key stakeholders in Marketing, Sales and Services? Are you fed up with misaligned goals and counterproductive conversations with the Leadership team?  

If you’re nodding your head, Northpass for HubSpot is the answer to all of your frustrations. Northpass is the first LMS that integrates directly into the HubSpot CRM, allowing you to instantly align with your Sales, Marketing and Services teams. Pretty neat, right? 

So, how exactly is Northpass for HubSpot revolutionizing the LMS-CRM relationship? Let me explain.  

  • Faster Onboarding: Automatically deliver relevant resources to new customers or administrators and get them up and running without a ton of hand-holding from your Support and Customer Success teams. 
  • Better Retention and Product Adoption: Easily provide relevant resources to your learners so that they can realize the true value of your product — and use it for years to come. 
  • Build Brand Advocates: Transform your learners into power users and set them free to become your ultimate brand champions. 
  • Generate Brand Awareness: Create an always-on academy to allow users and prospects alike to access resources, ultimately making your product synonymous with the industry (like how HubSpot is synonymous with CRMs). 
  • Increase Sales Velocity: Instantly align your Sales and Marketing teams with the learning behavior of prospects, arming them with valuable insights they can use to close deals faster.



Custom Templates: Create a Seamless Experience Across All Owed Touchpoints

Here’s something you can only do with Northpass: Take complete customization control of your academy. Seriously. All of it.  

You’re probably wondering what I mean by “complete customization control.” After all, most LMSs currently on the market give you the ability to tailor the look and feel of your academy to your overall brand guidelines. You know, adding your logo and incorporating your colors.

With Custom Templates, you do so much more. You can tailor every aspect of your academy, including the home screen, events page, login screen, profile page and more. With Custom Templates, you can create a completely seamless learning experience that doesn’t feel like a totally disconnected part of the learning journey. And the best part is that it requires little to no development time. If you can dream it, you can build it with Northpass. 

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Custom Properties: Bid Adieu to One-Size-Fits-All Learning Experiences 

It doesn’t matter if you’re training your customers, employees or channel partners. They’ll have different learning styles and needs. For example, you could need to onboard new employees about company policies and values. Conversely, you could need to educate your customers about a new feature available in your product. Even training the same subset of people could call for different tactics and content — think teaching some of your Sales team about selling to enterprise companies and others about selling to SMBs. The scenarios are limitless and your LMS needs to account for that. 

Northpass does that with flying colors thanks to custom properties. With custom properties, you can use your data (applied across learners, courses or your entire academy) to deliver a limitless number of personalized learning experiences that meet their immediate needs — for example, learning about a new feature relevant to their roles. By delivering relevant content, you can create a stickier learning experience while opening the door to more meaningful insights you can use to evolve. 

Transforming Your Academy With Northpass

Not all learning technology is created equal. Some vendors build their technology with a specific “learner” in mind (e.g., employees) while others tailor it to a specific sized company (i.e., the technology works best for large companies). Despite any difference, however, every LMS has one thing in common: They help you generate better learning outcomes; ones that lead to more real-world results such as retention and customer lifetime value (CLTV or LTV). Northpass does that with the help of super cool features like Northpass for HubSpot, Custom Templates and custom properties help you do that. 

To learn more about any of these features or see a customized demo, reach out today. 

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