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Product Updates: July 2020

New features

The Northpass Product team has been hard at work developing two new features and we’re kicking off limited beta testing, now!

If you’re interested in getting a first look — more details, below — shoot us a note at beta@northpass.com to see if you qualify.

  • We’ve been building a new integration for Zapier. For the uninitiated, Zapier is one of the leading automation tools on the market with over 2,000 connections to popular, web-based applications. Using Northpass' Zapier integration, you can automatically push learning-related data to many of your other connected systems (e.g., Salesforce, Intercom, Slack, etc.).
  • Custom Properties is an all-new feature that we’re especially enthused about. Custom Properties gives businesses the ability to inject their own data (e.g., unique learner attributes, customer data, etc.) into Northpass as attributes or metadata for your learners and courses.

    This opens up a new world of possibilities within the Northpass platform by allowing you to:
    • Segment your learners across audiences for deeper analysis;
    • Generate dynamic, tailored learning experiences; and,
    • Drive automated workflows.

If either of these excite you, let's talk.


  • Our Advanced Webhooks have gained additional functionality. Now you can delete any configured webhook if the setup is no longer applicable. This will prevent you from receiving unnecessary webhooks.
  • We’ve also enhanced the monitoring around our Document and Presentation viewer. With this more advanced configuration, we can provide greater support to our customers and end users. 

Bug fixes

  • We’ve addressed security vulnerabilities detected in the frontend of our platform.
  • We addressed an issue with our webhooks feature, where we occasionally sent duplicate webhooks.
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Allyson heads up Product Management at Northpass. When she's not busy solving problems, she's definitely playing Rock Band.

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