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Nikki Engel ·

May 04, 2021

Welcome to the Age of Personalization.

To effectively engage today's learners, companies must design learning experiences that are tailored to them. But doing so can be difficult, especially at the speed and size of a scaling enterprise. 

That's why we introduced Properties. This is a feature that makes personalization possible by unlocking the power of data-driven content.

You Bring the Data, Northpass Does the Rest.

Businesses have seen an avalanche of data related to their learners. Rather than let it sit idle and diminish in value, Northpass lets you put it to work. 

Properties integrates business data from across your technology stack (e.g., CRM, HRIS, app/product data, etc.) into Northpass to power personalization across course authoring, learning site design and allows you to create automated workflows. This means you can build a single course that delivers an unlimited number of personalized experiences for your learners.  

With Properties, our learning platform can transform your existing information into an asset that will further enrich the learning journey.

Northpass Properties Illustration | What Personalized Learning Looks Like

Increased Relevance Boosts Engagement.

Northpass sees firsthand the strong correlation between engagement and learners. The more captivated people are, the more their performance increases. By cultivating learning experiences that are more personalized to an individuals’ role-specific needs, the more impact learning programs deliver. 

With Properties, you can augment learning programs with data from across your technology stack to customize the learning experience with information that is relevant to your business and users. Take, for example, an individual’s region, experience level, historical performance, previous transactions and many more. These supplemental elements can help narrow the focus of a generalized training program that speaks to the masses so that it speaks to an individual.

Experience the Power of Personalized Learning.

    • Stickier Learning Experiences
      Properties enables the creation of personalized content and visuals that are based on a learner’s unique context. The result is a superior learning experience, which translates to stronger engagement, improved performance and, ultimately, better business outcomes.
    • Deeper Insights
      Mash learning and business data to unlock a whole new level of insights. Get greater visibility into different audience segments and start connecting the dots between data sources to understand your learning program’s return on investment (ROI).
    • Simplified Content Management
      Properties significantly reduces the bottleneck of creating and maintaining content. How, you ask? Through dynamic content rendering.

      This approach reduces the number of versions required for a complex training program and makes it easier to update content at scale. Forget about clunky, manual updates. Instead, create one course that renders multiple versions programmatically.
    • Automated Workflows
      Use Properties to automate repetitive administrative tasks. Increase your productivity and shift focus to pressing, strategic initiatives.

Get Started with Properties.

Learn how personalization can enhance your learning program, today.

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