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Product Updates: May 2021


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  • With the course publishing functionality, you can now discard all changes.

    If you have made changes that you would like to discard and have not yet published, the Discard Changes button was made for you!

  • With custom end of course screens, you have the ability to link courses to one another. When unpublishing, archiving, or deleting a course, all dependencies will be flagged for your review.

  • Our Course Settings has an updated look and feel. You can check out the refresh, which is reflected in the buttons, checkboxes, toggles, and drop-down menus.

Bug fixes

  • Images included in the description of Learning Paths previously were not responsive within the Enhanced Learning Sites experience. This would result in the rendering of large-scale images, which has been addressed.

  • Under open access authentication, enrollment links were redirecting learners to their dashboard page. Now, enrollment links are directing learners to the course cover page, as intended. 
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