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Product Updates: June 2021

New features


Northpass for HubSpot is officially live! 🚀

  • Northpass now integrates with HubSpot CRM so you can:
    • Quickly build an engaging customer academy with ease
    • Programmatically share data between HubSpot and Northpass 
    • Automate customer education workflows using learning and CRM data 
    • Centralize learning activity data within your CRM 
    • Incorporate customer education into your content strategy
    Want to learn more?
  • First, check out our blog post that introduces Northpass for HubSpot. From there, see our HubSpot App Marketplace Listing for more technical details of the integration. If you want the real nitty-gritty, see our Support Documentation for configuration guidance.


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  • Now, anytime you publish a course, you'll be able to choose who sees the newest version of the course:
    • Option #1 - Publish new content to new learners only: Only learners who have not started the course will see and interact with the new version. 
    • Option #2 - Publish new content to new and progressing learners: Every learner will interact with the new version and those in progress will restart the course from the beginning.
Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.13.33 PM
  • When a new course version is published to all learners, any learner in progress will be notified of the update as shown above.

Preview Mode

  • When previewing a school, admins/managers will now see a new preview widget presented within the Learning Experience. Click the widget to easily navigate back to the admin side of the Northpass platform. 
    • If an admin/manager interacts with a course as a learner, the widget will reflect that the school is being viewed in Learner Mode. Navigation back to the admin side of Northpass will be available after clicking the widget.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, the Unpublished Changes label would become visible upon clicking into the course syllabus. Now, Northpass has updated the dynamic label to reflect when the course content or structure has been modified.
  • In the color picker section of the Design tab, the padding applied was cutting off the HEX color code. A fix was implemented to ensure that the complete HEX color code is visible next to the color swatch.
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