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Product Updates: April 2021

New Features

Northpass mobile lms

Enhanced Learning Sites have arrived.

With this release, we revisited elements of the learning experience to deliver a new, intuitive design that will delight both program administrators and learners. By providing users a more frictionless experience, we’re making it easier for them to stay engaged and retain critical information.

The release of Enhanced Learning Sites includes the following:

  • Revised Home Screen
  • Improved Course Cover Screen
  • All-new sub-navigation
  • Upgraded search functionality
  • And more!
For the full details (and more pictures!) check out Northpass’ official announcement about Enhanced Learning Sites.

One more thing: While this release doesn’t automatically impact existing learning programs, you can opt-in. Overall, this release is best for customers creating new academies or are currently leveraging our standard look and feel. If you’re a fit, please submit a support ticket to request a migration review and the Northpass team will provide assistance.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve addressed an issue that occurred when changing the navigation mode of a published course (i.e., linear or freeform). This issue “unlocked” certain activities within linear courses. This has been resolved, and course activities now behave as expected.
  • We’ve resolved an issue sometimes experienced when deleting a Learning Path. Occasionally, this operation resulted in a timeout where users were unable to properly delete a path. Users should now be able to remove Learning Paths successfully.
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