Northpass 101: Why Learning Paths Are Important

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Aug 23, 2021

Unfortunately, even the best learning content, powered by the perfect strategy won’t achieve its objective if you fail to bring it to people in a way that meets their needs and preferences. That’s why a successful learning initiative is just as much about the actual content as it is about how you deliver it. Learning Paths, available in most modern learning management systems (LMS), give you an effortless, engaging, and repeatable way to optimize delivery and ensure you’re giving people the best learning experience possible.

What’s a Learning Path? 

Learning Paths direct assigned users to navigate a series of courses in a defined sequence. For example, a Learning Path could take new employees through a lesson on workplace culture or the sales team through customer profiles. You can think of them as a book series. 

Why Do You Need Learning Paths?

If the value of Learning Paths isn’t already abundantly clear, here are 3 more reasons how they can help you:

A Great Way to Generate More Engagement

Learner engagement is your north star. When you strategically guide learners through the required materials, they know what’s expected, how much learning is left, and ultimately, what they’re trying to achieve. There’s no confusion or second-guessing.

Learning Paths are also a way to ensure people get everything out of the content and consume it in the way you intended.

A Simple Way to Personalize Content

Learning Paths are customizable, which means that you can tweak them to meet the unique needs of your learners, the topic and the content’s objective.

By personalizing the experience, you’re also showing people that you’ve taken the time to curate content that’d make them successful — rather than providing them with a generic bundle of content created for everyone in the company. By doing this, you’re taking another step toward better learning outcomes. 

An Easy Way to (Instantly) Free Up Resources

Launching and maintaining a learning program has many moving pieces, all of which move faster as you onboard new learners and your product evolves. With Learning Paths, structuring and delivering content doesn’t have to be one of them. The great thing about them is that they’re largely self-sufficient.

Once implemented, Learning Paths take over many mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as sending new employees an email with a link to the first course. By allowing Learning Paths to manage these types of tasks, you’re instantly freeing up your internal teams to focus on other high-return activities, such as having strategic conversations with the learners. 

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