Introducing Northpass, the Customer Learning Platform for Modern Teams

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Steve Cornwell ·

Jan 22, 2018

When we launched SchoolKeep, our goal was to empower educators to create and sell online courses. Soon after our launch in January of 2015, we gained traction with forward-thinking companies, such as Airbnb and Lyft. These organizations recognized the value our tools have for creating original training content and delivering it to their learners when and where they need it. Seeing the opportunity to serve a significantly larger market, we shifted our focus from teachers to enterprise teams.


As a result of this shift, we now support over a million active users at some of the world’s best brands. Our customers range from Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growing startups. We serve many industries, including: technology, consumer services, e-commerce, healthcare, and nonprofit. Teams at global conglomerates, like P&G, and hyper-growth startups, such as Shopify, use our software to train their employees, customers, and partners. We have earned a five-star rating on the review sites Capterra and Software Advice because we consistently and successfully support our platform with the best customer service.

We are incredibly proud of the team we have built and the product we have created. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve our amazing customers and grow alongside their businesses.

Over the years, however, we began to realize that we had outgrown our original name. We found that having the term ‘school’ in our name was not descriptive of the market we served.

Recently, we took a step back to evaluate our brand strategy. We wanted to eliminate market confusion and demonstrate to our customers and partners that we are firmly committed to serving the enterprise market. We decided it was time to find a new name that reinforces our mission and vision, and supports the market we serve.


Today, we are pleased to announce the re-launching of SchoolKeep as Northpass, the enterprise learning platform for modern teams - built for ease and flexibility.


The new Northpass logo


While our name has changed, everything else about our company remains the same. From our product to our pricing, contracts, and team, nothing but our name changes.


Additionally, our guiding principles, which have earned your trust and partnership, stand firm. We will stay committed to designing and delivering simple and intuitive user experiences. We will stay focused on making it easy for anyone to create and deliver effective training content. We will remain committed to ensuring that our customers and partners achieve the highest levels of success. Under Northpass, we will further our mission of helping teams empower their stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


We envision a future in which learning technology is no longer isolated to HR and Training departments, but instead, an integral tool for every team. We see the tremendous opportunity to transform the learning management system from a compliance and professional development solution, to an essential tool that all employees, customers, and partners rely on for knowledge about a company’s products and practices. Our team works hard each day to make this vision a reality by building the most intuitive and flexible learning software that anyone at any organization can use to create original content and manage an effective training program.


As we look ahead, we’re motivated by a strong mission and led by a clear vision that will change the way companies think about training their employees, customers, and partners. Today we start a new chapter as Northpass, and we look forward to continuing our journey with you.


The Northpass Team


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