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Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Northpass customers receive best-in-class tehnology and customer service. Read our reviews and find out why our customers love us.

e-Commerce Software-as-a-Service Shopify

Shopify sought to deliver world-class learning experiences to their partners. They found in Northpass a team that’s committed to their product and to their mission to make online learning better for everyone.

"Northpass provides all of the robust front-end customization and options you would expect from a modern SaaS platform. What truly sets their LMS apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem."

–Chris Williams, Partner Accelerator
Non-Profit Organization NWF

Northpass enables NWF to reach diverse audiences of teachers nationwide and deliver professional development courses in a manner that is cost-effective and scalable.

"Prior to using Northpass, we struggled with the necessary ongoing maintenance of our courses and the ability to keep up with the depth and scope of the analytics we required. Northpass has allowed our education department to meet the professional development needs of teachers and students all over the country and at a pace that works with their busy schedules."

–Jennifer Hammonds, Senior Manager of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction
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On-Demand Consumer Services Turo

Turo leverages Northpass to train new operations hires, both in-house and at outsourced locations. With a fast-growing domestic and international team, they needed a scalable solution for delivering and managing training.

"Before Northpass, our training was unscripted, unplanned and unsustainable. Since implementation, we’ve been able to scale our team 4x. This type of growth would have been absolutely impossible without a tool like Northpass."

–Debra Swinson, Training Specialist
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Software-as-a-Service Sps

On Northpass, SPS Commerce created and delivered training to more than 70,000 members of its retail network.

"As a next-generation LMS, Northpass has equipped us with the necessary technology to train and engage with our customers in a meaningful way. As a result, we were able to advance our customer relationships and improve the way we interact with them."

–Beth Jacob, Chief Customer Success Officer
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Software-as-a-Service Everlaw
Working with Northpass enabled Everlaw to automate resource delivery, scale training operations and reduce onboarding time for new employees and partners.

"We chose Northpass because of the sleek and modern interface, which promised our end-learners an easy and engaging learning experience. Before Northpass, we either had to do one-on-one trainings with new employees and partners or send them hastily compiled resources. Northpass allowed us to put together a robust product-learning curriculum in less than a day and saved us from doing redundant work because we could easily integrate pre-existing collateral. Using Northpass, we reduced the on-boarding time for both new employees and partner organizations, while ensuring that they are well trained on our product."

–Mondee Lu, User Advocate
Non-Profit Organization Mars

Northpass worked with the MaRS team to streamline content delivery and achieve staggering learner engagement results.

"We rely on technology to do the heavy lifting of bringing our users into the platform and getting them to interact with the content. Northpass has the capability of making that process automated. Now that we don’t have to worry about the delivery mechanism, we’re able to focus on creating great content."

–Aislinn Malszecki, Senior Associate
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On-Demand Consumer Services Babierge

Babierge has Trusted Partners around the country who leverage their platform to launch entrepreneurial careers by renting baby equipment in local markets. They needed to onboard their partners in a manner that was engaging, trackable and scalable.

"We have a two-step application process that’s gone from taking our partners two weeks to complete to three days on Northpass. As a result, our team is spending 75% less time on support. This has allowed us to focus more on recruiting new partners—something that’s central to developing the business."

–Adam Heymann, Marketing Manager
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Patient Services Sps

Caliber offers non-emergency patient transportation services. The company uses Northpass to satisfy two of their training initiatives: train new employees, and educate franchise owners on the operations of dispatching software.

"Northpass helped us decrease the amount of time required to create solid training materials and scale our in-person training. By making the information more accessible, new team members are able to get acclimated more quickly, and seasoned employees can engage in refresher materials when they need it. As a whole, our training process has become a lot faster, with fewer errors overall."

–Amanda Pittman