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Andrew Brown ·

Oct 13, 2021

Customer experiences (CX) are the lifeblood of all modern businesses. Without good ones, it’s impossible to grow. With good ones, you can retain customers over and over again. For modern businesses, most of these experiences take place online. For example, in a product or on a website. Optimizing these touchpoints must be the priority. One study found that companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience. SaaS companies, in particular, can expect to increase revenue by $1 billion. Revolutionary business leaders should take this mindset and apply it to every aspect of their online academies, including the LMS design and customization elements that make it pop.

LMS Design and Customization: The Ultimate Differentiator for Customer Academies 

If someone asked you to name a company with the best CX, you’d probably think of names like Apple and Google. Historically they — as well as many others — have separated themselves from the competition by investing heavily in a customer-first strategy. Things like a clean user interface (UI) and an intuitive product. An often overlooked part of these strategies, however, is how they create an incredibly cohesive design across every touchpoint.

Apple is my favorite example of this. Whether you’re on its website, logging into your account to get help from its support team or going into one of its physical stores, everything feels the same; you know you’re in Apple’s world. Look at the image below. They all show customer touchpoints and they share a certain look-and-feel.


lms design - cross platform brand continuity example apple


No matter where you land, you get the Apple experience. There’s no disjointed experience that disrupts engagement. This is a huge part of Apple’s perpetual ability to provide the absolute best customer experiences and retain customers arguably better than any other company in the world. 

Customer-facing education teams should read from the same playbook. This means completely customizing an academy to meet the unique look and feel of the brand. There can’t be a disconnect between experiences on your website or with your product and the learning content they receive from the academy. Anything less and you’ll struggle to get the engagement and retention you need to prove the impact of your academy and scale it. Failing to do so will create a disjointed experience that’ll diminish the engagement and loyalty of your customers.

This is — and will continue to be — one of the greatest differentiators available to you.

Similar to how Apple and Google dominate their respective industries, in large part due to their customer experience, HubSpot separates itself with HubSpot Academy. One of its customers going for its CRM to the academy to learn about a new feature has a seamless experience. The HubSpot Academy looks, feels and behaves like every other HubSpot touchpoint. The end result is a perfect learning experience that leads to more product engagement, retention and far less customer churn. 

Northpass: The Only LMS That Gives You Total Design Control

With Northpass’ Custom Templates, you can take total control over your academy while designing and defining it to meet your brand’s specifications, all without sacrificing a significant amount of development resources. 

The problem is, an academy that creates this type of cohesion typically needs to be built from scratch -- a project that takes up time, resources and energy to research, maintain and operate a platform for learning.

To see Custom Templates in action, reach out today to schedule a demo. 

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