How Northpass for HubSpot is Revolutionizing the LMS-CRM Relationship

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Nikki Engel ·

Aug 11, 2021

Northpass is the first advanced learning platform to integrate into the HubSpot CRM, allowing forward-thinking businesses to bring their learning management system (LMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) data into a centralized hub — pun intended. 

Ready to see how all of this comes to life? Below, watch our webinar, featuring Northpass’ Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nikki Engel, and Allyson Lerner, Senior Manager of Product Management as they demo this first-of-its-kind integration.

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Understanding the LMS + CRM Relationship

LMSs and CRMs are powerful tools on their own, with each playing an integral role in the customer journey. This begs the question: Why bring them together? I’ll tell you, but let’s start with the definition of each.

  • LMS: A flexible platform to manage, deliver and measure online learning for your customer base. 
  • CRM: Technology to help you manage relationships and interactions with customers and prospects.

With these definitions in mind, it’s clear that LMSs and CRMs share a common goal: Improve the customer experience. 

Therefore, it makes sense to get them “talking” to each other so that the teams using them can benefit. 

How Northpass for HubSpot Improves Customer Experiences

With Northpass for HubSpot, you can deliver memorable customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Here’s what I mean: 

  1. Onboarding — Faster and More Effective
  2. Product Adoption — Increase Retention
  3. Certification — Cultivate Brand Advocates
  4. Brand Awareness — Be the Industry Leader
  5. Brand Consideration — Convert Prospects Faster

Once you identify the most appropriate use case(s), you can make strategic decisions on how to apply them to the HubSpot Flywheel — the same one your Sales, Marketing and Service teams use to engage and maintain relationships with your customers and prospects.

Here’s what I mean:

For example, you can build a workflow in HubSpot so that once they sign on the dotted line, it triggers the LMS to send a new customer their first lesson, immediately. By doing this, you can start delighting new customers right away while decreasing the time it takes them to realize the value of your product.

Another way you could use Northpass for HubSpot is to offer certifications that qualify your users on how to use your product(s) and empower them to spread their joy — and newfound knowledge — by word of mouth. 

You can then track the learning progress alongside customer-centric data, giving you the ability to see what’s working and what’s not. Together, LMSs and CRMs help you create long-lasting relationships, and most importantly, give you the momentum you need to grow. 

See Northpass in Action: The First LMS Integrated Into The HubSpot CRM

Want to learn more about how Northpass transforms the customer experience?

All you have to do is book a time with a Northpass team member with the link below.

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