How Customers Use Northpass to Engage Learners

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Ariele Krantzow ·

Mar 09, 2022

When you’re deciding on any piece of software for your business, you often want to understand how current customers are using the platform. 

What exactly can I get out of it? 

Choosing the right LMS will be the biggest decision you make when launching your online learning program. 

So, here are a few examples of how our customers use Northpass features. 

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Channable Gives Its Customers All the Information Upfront 

The user experience is the most critical part of creating your learning experience. Channable’s Channacademy gives the company’s customers all the course details before they click start.

Course Cover Pages offer:

  • A blurb about the course
  • An introduction to the instructor
  • A preview of all the modules 
  • Course length
  • The content mix
  • Custom design

Zenoti Gives Learners Meaningful Information

Flexibility to share the information you want to share (and not share the information you don’t want to share) is the key to building a successful academy.

 Zenoti uses custom properties to share course length, course ratings and course categories. 

4 Advantages to Using Properties

  • A stickier learning experiences
  • Simplified content management
  • Deeper insights
  • Automated workflows

Compass Guides its Learners Through the Learning Experience

Guiding learners from course to course is critical to keep them engaged.

Compasslearning paths are well thought out, giving learners the tools they need without thinking about what’s next.

Why use Learning Paths?

  • Create a structured learning experience
  • Feel confident that learners have the tools to be successful
  • Reduce admin time


ShopifyPlus is Always On-brand

The most common question we get is around design. 

Obviously, it’s important to create a seamless experience for your learners. Like the one Shopify uses here, a custom template is indistinguishable from the ShopifyPlus brand. 

Benefits of Custom Templates

  • Total design control
  • Low maintenance
  • Clean code


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