5 Features You Can Only Get With a Modern LMS

Andrew Brown ·

Sep 23, 2021

Today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) market is giving you more power to put in place an Online Education program that thrills your audience(s). Still, I see companies that think LMS’ of the past are capable of delivering meaningful business results. 

Well, I have news for them: They’re not. 

Sure, they served their purpose, they just don’t have the juice to keep pace with the modern world. 

The solution? Upgrade the LMS. When? Right now. 

What to Expect When Upgrading Your LMS 

Do the words “clunky,” “inflexible” and “unscalable” make you cringe? Even worse, was your current LMS the first thing you thought of when reading them? 

I’d imagine some of you are nodding your heads and this is understandable. 

Legacy LMSs weren’t built for current demands and preferences. These systems got the job done, but the modern iteration of LMSs can do things even the Jetsons wouldn’t believe. 

Customization Options 

The advantages of cloud computing have enabled LMSs to leap over the static, in-house programs of the past. As technology improves, the field will continue to expand. 

Today, it provides you with more options to customize your systems. For example, aligning the user interface with your company’s brand guidelines or personalizing the learning content to the preferences and demands of their target audiences. 

Increased Usability

Clunky user interfaces may have been acceptable when learning was simply mandatory employee training. Today, those rigid interfaces are a barrier. 

Now, companies build learning programs around customer education and the experience needs to keep learners engaged. Modern LMSs flip the script and put learners in the driver’s seat. For example, a mobile-first mentality gives people the ability to learn on the go, while a greater emphasis on consistency, page flow and page layout improves readability. 

Limitless Scaling

Most legacy LMSs aren’t scalable, which can be a problem for modern, flexible businesses constantly trying to grow. In the past, building and launching new courses was a herculean effort. And don’t even get me started on the onboarding process. 

Modern LMSs are cloud-based and scalable, meaning that they can quickly adjust to a growing businesses’ needs.

Robust Metrics

Historically, LMSs lacked the reporting needed to prove the impact of learning programs to outside parties, including leadership. 

Upgrading your LMS gives you access to built-in metrics and detailed reports tailored to KPIs like onboarding times, satisfaction and retention. Now, you have the ammo you need to mature and scale — and more opportunities to improve the value of your learners.

Simple Implementation

Today, LMSs offer a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that makes implementation easy. Not only does this allow you to make strategic decisions and quickly evolve, but the simplicity opens the door for smaller and less established teams. 

Said another way, modern LMSs have leveled the playing field and give all businesses a way to launch learning-based initiatives.

The Upgraded LMS: Perfect for Any Business Goal 

Whether you're aiming your LMS at customers, partners or employees, an upgraded LMS offers a host of benefits: 

  • More customization options
  • Endless ways to put your learners first
  • A reliable way to scale 
  • Robust metrics needed to effectively grow
  • Easy implementation and access for smaller teams

These upgrades give you the opportunity to streamline customer onboarding, invigorate employee training and increase retention, just to name a few. All of which are critical if you want your business to succeed in the future.

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