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Online Training to Help You and Your Agents Grow

Deliver relevant and timely resources to on-the-go agents, whenever and wherever they need them. 

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Leading Real Estate Brokerages Train Their Agents with Northpass

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Accelerate Agent Onboarding

Say goodbye to slow, manual and resource-intensive onboarding. Create agent-friendly and intuitive courses on topics like professional coaching, tool overviews and business planning to decrease time to value and set them up for success.

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Keep Your Agents Informed

Deliver relevant resources to keep agents up to date on the industry, local market, compliance, and tool updates. Keep them informed to help them earn more and provide great service to buyers.

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Recruit More Top-tier Talent

Use your academy as a competitive advantage by sharing relevant resources with prospective agents and show them how you'll help them be successful.

Compass Trains 18,000+ Agents with Northpass

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As Compass grew, it needed a way to provide agents with the resources necessary to grow and exceed client expectations — without in-person training. Enter Compass Academy powered by Northpass.

Today, the always-on Compass Academy is the go-to resource 18,000+ agents use to grow their business, obtain new clients and learn how the Compass platform can provide greater efficiencies. 

Empower Your Agents with Northpass

From endless integrations and simple course authoring to powerful analytics and always-on support, Northpass is purpose-built for real estate brokerages. 

Connect Learning with Your Entire Tech Stack

A major differentiator that made a difference to Compass was that Northpass has the infrastructure and experience to lead us to deliver our agents a successful learning program.

Damaris Troche
Compass Program Manager