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Train and Retain Your Workforce Right in Your App

Deliver an embedded learning experience for online training at the right place and the right time.

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From onboarding to continuing education, provide users with the resources and guidance they need.


Keep your workforce working with you — and only you — by proactively providing opportunities to grow.


Turn your workers into the ultimate brand champions while providing quality service to your customers.

Gig Companies Grow with Northpass

Power Learning Every Step of the Way

From endless integrations and simple course authoring to powerful analytics and always-on support, Northpass has the features and services you need to deliver curated learning at the right time and place.

A CSAT Fireside Chat

Learn how PICKUP’s Field Training & Special Operations Manager, James Austin, improved the customer experience (CX) and CSAT through the power of online learning.

You'll learn:

  • Why PICKUP decided to launch an online training initiative
  • How a learning-powered program helps its delivery pros improve CSAT
  • Why PICKUP places importance on delivering a class-leading CX

I was looking for a platform with a culture that matches ours. A culture of delivering great things, and making magic, which is a core value at Uber. I was looking for a company that was genuinely willing to engage with us. This is what I’ve found with Northpass on a human and professional level.

Yann-Edouard Colleu
Marketplace UK Quality Lead at Uber
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