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Train & Retain Your Workforce — Right in Your App

Deliver just-in-time learning to your global workforce to help them earn more and deliver 5-star customer experiences.

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Innovative Gig Companies Train Their Workforce with Northpass

GIG LP_Accelerate Onboarding

Reduce Workforce Time to Value

Say goodbye to slow, manual and resource-intensive onboarding. Scale your onboarding program and deliver a consistent experience to hundreds, thousands or millions of workers, fast.

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Increase Retention

Deliver ongoing education on policies, compliance and best practices to reduce turnover, improve customer satisfaction and boost workforce growth.

GIG LP_Certify

Certify Your Workers

Use certifications as a way to empower your workforce on certain tasks, like alcohol delivery, state driving regulations, tool safety and more. Verify their legitimacy and competency while instilling trust with your customers.
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Generate Tangible Business Outcomes

A trained workforce delivers exceptional service to your customers. Use learning as a way to improve CSAT, retention, revenue and other metrics important to the business.  

Puls Empowers Its Technicians with Northpass


With our customizable, adaptable, flexible and mobile learning platform, Puls was able to completely transform its onboarding program.

  • Decreased onboarding time by more than 80%
  • Scaled its workforce by 11x
  • Increased technician retention
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Helped technicians earn more

A Learning Platform Built for Your External Workforce

From endless integrations and simple course authoring to powerful analytics and always-on support, Northpass has the features you need to drive tangible business impact.

Connect Learning with Your Entire Tech Stack

Tips to Improve CSAT

Learn how PICKUP’s Field Training & Special Operations Manager, James Austin, improved the customer experience (CX) and CSAT through the power of online learning.

A #CSAT Fireside Chat with PICKUP
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