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Scalable, Simple & On-brand Training for Your Employees

An intuitive platform that enables high-impact onboarding and upskilling for teams of all shapes and sizes.

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Innovative Companies Train Their Employees with Northpass

Employee Learning LP_Easy for Learners

Easy for Learners, Easy for Leaders

We make it easy for learners and stakeholders alike to get the resources they need to drive business success. What does that mean? You get an intuitive platform that allows you to create, manage, deliver, track and analyze your academy content and engagement. Your employees will breeze through your academy content exactly as you envisioned and they will thank you for it.

Employee Learning LP_Do More with Less

Do More with Less

Reduce the cost of training with an LMS solution that works for your budget. Tired of giving the same training over and over? Take the manual effort out of it and give your employees an easy-to-use platform with courses that can help improve internal onboarding, solve work-related questions and issues, or accelerate career advancements when employees just want to learn how to up their game. Plus, a realistic pricing model fit for your business needs.

Employee Learning LP_Track the Impact

Track the Impact of Your Learning

Gain actionable insights that help you optimize your trainings so your can get more from your learning program. You know you need to understand the impact your training has on your employees and the business. Our analytics suite helps you make sense of all your learning data and gives you readable reports so you can easily see what works and (maybe more importantly) what doesn’t for your employees.

Connect Learning with Your Entire Tech Stack

The ability to build learning management for both internal employees and external clients is harder to find than I would have thought. Because Northpass is focused solely on the ability to build on-demand training, its simplicity allows you to use those courses in whatever way you want/need.

Kevin Andrews
Client Enablement Manager at BombBomb