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The Best Way to Train and Retain Your Customers

Create impactful learning experiences that improve engagement, NPS, satisfaction, retention and revenue. 

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Innovative Companies Train Their Customers with Northpass

Customer Edu LP_Streamline Onboarding

Streamline & Scale Onboarding

Make a great first impression on hundreds, thousands — even millions — of customers with an onboarding program that delivers relevant and timely resources. Improve onboarding efficiency to reduce time to value and mitigate churn.


Customer Edu LP_Increase adoption

Increase Product Adoption

Turn your customers into power users with the resources and personalized support they need to master key skills and knowledge to succeed. Maintain product engagement and keep your customers happy as your product evolves to boost LTV.


Customer Edu LP_Boost Retention

Boost Customer Retention

Maintain product engagement for the long haul by making it easy for your customers to make the most of your product. Boost CSAT, LTV and retain your best customers for years to come.



Customer Edu LP_Brand Champions

Create Brand Champions

Certify customers on product functionality, industry best practices and more. Give them the confidence they need to become your greatest brand champions.


Customer Edu LP_Prove ROI

Prove ROI

Use customer education as a growth engine for your company. Build an academy uniquely for your customers, business objectives and go-to-market (GTM) strategy.


SPS Commerce Scales its Training Program with Northpass


Using Northpass’ intuitive interface and adaptable course structure, SPS Commerce delivered custom, diverse, engaging, and contextual resources to thousands of customers.

  • Increased customer retention by 30%
  • Enrolled 42k+ customers 
  • Improved engagement and adoption
  • Created operational efficiencies 
  • Reduced support calls

A Learning Platform Purpose-built for Your Customers

From endless integrations and simple course authoring to powerful analytics and always-on support, Northpass has the features you need to increase product adoption, CSAT and more.

Connect Learning with Your Entire Tech Stack

Sync Northpass with all the tools and technology you're using daily to improve efficiency and performance.

What is Customer Education?

What is Customer Education and Why is Customer Education Important?
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As a next-generation LMS, Northpass has equipped us with the necessary technology to train and engage with our customers in a meaningful way. As a result, we were able to advance our customer relationships and improve the way we interact with them.

Beth Jacob
Chief Customer Success Officer