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Product Updates: September 2022

New features

Communicating with learners at the moment of need is the key to a learning program’s success. This month, we released Northpass’ brand new Communications functionality to help you create passionate and motivated learners. With this powerful toolset, you now have full control of your email communications so you can connect with your learners throughout their learning journey. This allows customers like you to stay true to the integrity of your brand, while also increasing operational efficiencies through automation.

Over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out this new Communications functionality to our customers. In the meantime, check out the new Comms course in our Customer Academy if you want to learn more about Northpass’ Communications.


  • Our newly-launched Analytics dashboards now feature a new “Last Refreshed At” timestamp, so you can easily identify when the data in each report has been refreshed.

Bug fixes

  • Our API endpoint to list all course activities has been updated to only return the latest course version’s activity data. Previously, this endpoint was returning all activities in all versions of a course.
  • We addressed a case where some learners working on a course in a Learning Path would experience a blank screen, instead of the typical “end of course” experience.
  • For Instructor-Led Training sessions hosted in particular timezones, the Northpass administrator view was showing an incorrect start/end time, due to daylight savings conversions. This has been addressed, and all times are consistent across the admin and learner experience.
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