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Product Updates: September 2021

New features

Custom Templates

Custom templates empower customers to create an academy exactly the way they want, without building it from scratch!  

All pages of the platform are customizable and even non-developers are able to maintain the customizable experience.
Learn more about how Custom Templates can help you bring your dream academy to life.


Northpass for HubSpot: Learning Path Progress

Northpass is now passing learning path progress data over to HubSpot as a property on the contact record!

Once a learner makes progress within a learning path, the associated HubSpot contact record will reflect the progress. 

This functionality will work similarly to the Course Progress properties the integration supports. So, you can now use this property within your HubSpot workflows, reports, etc., as you would the Course Progress properties. 

Check out the Northpass for HubSpot configuration page to enable this enhancement. 

Course Publishing: Updated Publish Modal

  • The updated Publish button incorporates a drop-down menu where users can choose their preferred publishing behavior. 
  • Following selection, confirming the publish will be available after a few seconds have passed. Talk about fewer clicks to get your creation out to your users!

ILT Events: Add to Office 365

  • Northpass has expanded the calendar types supported in the Add to Calendar functionality to include Office 365.

Profile Settings: Password Updates

  • For schools using Pre-registration authentication, learners will be required to enter their current password in order to make any changes to their password. 
  • A learner will not be able to use their previous password as their updated password for security reasons.

Course Publishing: Updated Version Format

  • The format of the last saved date shown in the course editor has been updated to a more readable format. Following a five-minute threshold, this information will be presented in a date and time format.

Northpass for HubSpot: Assignment Timeline Event

  • Northpass is now passing Assignment Submissions to HubSpot as timeline events. Use these timeline events to trigger workflows, access assignment submissions from HubSpot, and more!

Bug fixes

  • When a course was cloned from one Northpass school to another, the cloned course could not have custom properties applied to it. Northpass has resolved this behavior, and properties can be used for all courses, regardless of creation. 
  • Previously, links included in Northpass generated emails and other areas of customer academies were directing users to the incorrect page within the learning experience. The resolved behavior redirects the user to the expected pages in the learning experience.
  • Guests of Public Academies were unable to see courses available via the catalog prior to login. A fix has been implemented so that users are able to browse public courses prior to login. 
  • The course.sections.size template variable was including draft sections within the count, which was leading to incorrect calculations where the variable was used. This has since been fixed and the course.sections.size template variable only references published course sections.
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Samantha Czulada-Gillespie

Samantha Czulada-Gillespie is a Product Manager at Northpass. Outside of product sprint ceremonies, Sam enjoys being outdoors, channeling her inner Peloton Instructor, exploring local coffee shops, and food shopping (no that is not a typo).

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