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Product Updates: September 2020

New features

  • We’re happy to announce that we’ve fully refreshed the Northpass Support Center. This includes the recategorization and streamlining of our support content, as well as ease-of-use updates to make your experience flow a bit smoother. If you have any questions related to your implementation, we suggest you start here. With over 100 support articles on tap, there’s a good chance we’ve covered what you’re looking to learn more about.

    Still having trouble? Engage the in-app chat function (the icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform). After you send a message, our support team will look into your issue as soon as possible.


  • Our Instructor-led Training (ILT) page has an updated look and feel. As we’re hard at work building out an upcoming integration, we’ll be refreshing each of the additional ILT pages — Stay tuned!
  • The Quiz Completed webhook now contains additional information about the number of retries, or attempts remaining, a learner has for a quiz. Additionally, if you have a milestone configured, this webhook contains the minimum required score a learner needs to achieve to pass the quiz. If you’ve been looking to see if a learner has passed/failed a quiz within their given number of attempts, this will come in handy
  • We’ve enhanced another Single Sign-on (SSO) strategy. You may recall last month we had an update for OAuth2.0. This month, we’ve extended support for OpenID Connect, which is another industry standard SSO framework. Using OpenID Connect, you can now specify a learner’s group enrollments as part of your authentication/authorization flow.

Bug fixes

  • We addressed an issue where course completion data was not accurately represented in Analytics dashboards. The data is now consistent and accurate. No data was lost in the process.
  • We’ve fixed the ability to update ILT sessions. Previously, the action would have an error and resulted in the inability to make changes.
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