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Product Updates: October 2022

New features

More and more of our customers are taking advantage of Northpass’ new Communication engine to create passionate and motivated learners.

If you haven’t yet received the upgrade, please sit tight! We hope to have this rollout wrapped up before the holidays. In the meantime, check out the new Comms course in our Customer Academy if you want to learn more about Northpass’ Communications.


  • You may notice snappier load times in some of the key areas of the Learning Experience (LX) due to several performance enhancements we’ve put in place. We’ve noticed an 80% decrease in load time for some academies!

Bug fixes

  • Speaking of performance enhancements, we addressed some performance concerns in the Syllabus Builder for certain schools relying on multiple SCORM files in a single course.
  • For a small percentage of customers utilizing our new Communications tool, the unsubscribe links were not included as part of the Academy Invitation messages. This has been resolved.
  • For some customers integrating with Shopify, the correct Product ID could not be seen in a course’s settings. This has been addressed.
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Allyson heads up Product Management at Northpass. When she's not busy solving problems, she's definitely playing Rock Band.

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