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Product Updates: October 2021


Course Image: Updated Uploader

  • Northpass has updated the tool used to upload images for course tiles and the end-of-course screen.

    This update allows customers to:

    • Crop images directly in the uploader
    • Scale image to meet size requirements
    • Search for images from the web 
    • Select images from stock photo provider, Unsplash

    To learn more about how you can configure your course to use custom images, check out our documentation on course settings.

Account Login: Incorrect Password Lockout

  • When admins/managers log into Northpass or learners log into an academy using pre-registration authentication, they will be provided with 10 attempts. If the user is unsuccessful, their account will be locked for 1 hour.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when a learner was unenrolled from a course and then reenrolled, their progress was inconsistently communicated throughout the learner experience. This has been resolved and course progress is now communicated uniformly across the learner experience.
  • When an academy had the Catalog option enabled, the Back to my Courses link was redirecting learners to the homepage. Now, the Back to my Courses link redirects to the learner’s dashboard.
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