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Product Updates: October 2020

New features

  • Northpass’ Instructor-Led Training (ILT) pages underwent a facelift! The new experience is cleaner, more modern and more user friendly. Keep an eye out for more enhancements like this as we extend the new user interface (UI) to the rest of our ILT feature.
    instructor-led-trainingWe’re especially excited as we gear up for our new Zoom integration, coming before the end of this year. If you’re interested in giving this integration a test drive before launch, reach out to us today at product@northpass.com

  • Following up on our August update, we’ve released a series of enhancements to our support for SCORM. In addition to the activity auto completion, we’ve augmented our Milestones to support a broader range of SCORM events. Next, we’ve also implemented smarter progress tracking and faster processing for SCORM replacements.


  • From our perspective, the learner journey starts from the first email introduction. To deliver a better experience, we’ve enhanced the default look and feel for our email communications.
    northpass-emailThis new view is more welcoming. Additionally, it also incorporates your school colors as well as smarter logo sizing.

  • We’ve also exposed additional parameters to be accessed within our Custom Templates. You can now access learning path progress, course timestamps and unique identifiers for all resources. Check out our Custom Templates documentation on GitHub.

Bug fixes

  • As part of our initiative to enhance our SCORM offering, we found a case where certain SCORM activities would redirect learners to their Dashboards, making it impossible to make progress in the course. This has been resolved.
  • Additionally, we resolved several cases where SCORM progress was not getting saved automatically. We’ve also addressed this as part of our initiative.
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