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Product Updates: March 2022

New Beta Integrations

Northpass’ Product team has been hard at work building out several new integrations. If you’re interested in getting early access, shoot us a note at beta@northpass.com to see if you qualify.


With a Northpass + Zendesk integration, learning data can now be passed into Zendesk as custom user fields.

For more information on this integration, please check out our support article.


  • When uploading custom templates, Northpass will check and validate the syntax of these templates. This prevents you from uploading a template that could potentially cause an error for learners viewing your academy.

  • We’ve reorganized the Rich Text Editor (RTE)! Instead of searching through many menus, we’ve surfaced the most important formatting options. You’ll notice the new paragraph formatting selection.

    These default styles can be customized, so, if you need assistance with setting up custom paragraph formatting styles, reach out to us at support@northpass.com.

Bug fixes

  • At one point, archived courses that were restored were no longer visible to administrators. We’ve addressed this issue, and all archived courses should be visible and accessible.
  • Previously, administrators were able to add archived courses to learning paths. This would cause an error for any learner attempting to access that course. We’ve removed the ability to add archived courses to learning paths.
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