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Product Updates: June 2022

New Features

  • We’ve just launched functionality to our People management area of the product. These new features allow customers to Delete or Deactivate many learners at the same time.

    Using our new checkboxes, select at least one Learner in order for our “Action Bar” to appear. From there, you’ll see all available Batch Actions. Further, our intuitive interface allows you to see exactly how many learners have been selected.

    Want to start over? Not a problem! Just close the Action Bar and start with a clean slate.

    For more information, check out our support article, here.


  • We’ve enhanced our Properties feature to make it easier to manage your course properties.

    When authoring a course, you’ll see a new tab. In this new Properties tab, you’ll be able to modify the values for this course across all course properties in a single view

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when our customers attempted to edit the “Instructor-Led Training Attendance Confirmation Email” they would experience an error that prevented them from doing so.

    That error has been resolved and customers can now edit the email successfully.


  • Occasionally, certain Instructor-Led Training (ILT) events would appear to have an incorrect timezone offset. While the start and end times were displayed correctly for end-users (or Learners), sometimes the times were incorrectly displayed for admins.

    This has been addressed.


  • For some customers, the Terms of Service appeared to be optional for new learners creating their accounts. What was really happening was that the Learning Experience was not properly reflecting this school setting.

    This has been addressed, and any academy with this setting enabled will require Learners to explicitly accept the Terms of Service.
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