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Product Updates: June 2020

New features

  • Developer Hub has launched to provide you — and your Dev team — the documentation and tools to more easily integrate Northpass with your external systems. Check it out, we think you'll like what you see.
  • Our new Advanced Webhooks give builders a serious efficiency boost. While integrating training data with your internal (e.g., your product or analytics stack) and external (e.g., BambooHR, Salesforce, Slack) systems, you can now subscribe to specific webhook events for delivery at multiple endpoints.


  • Now, connecting your BambooHR account to Northpass is easier than ever before. We've streamlined the User Experience (UX) by eliminating extra steps and providing additional guidance where appropriate.
  • You can now tap into a team of certified instructional designers and multimedia content producers to develop proprietary learning content. All without lifting a finger. Learn more about our content services offering, which was created to help you eliminate any content creation bottlenecks.

Bug fixes

  • Learning Paths with custom notifications can now be deleted successfully.
  • Now, learners can view embedded document activities (e.g., PDF files) on certain iOS devices, which previously were not rendering correctly.
  • We've made our data connection with BambooHR more robust, thereby ensuring that employee data is passed correctly — and more reliably — into Northpass.
  • For Matching Quiz Question Types, the possible choices are now successfully randomized for learners when there are less than three available.
  • The login button no longer freezes when an incorrect password is entered.
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Allyson heads up Product Management at Northpass. When she's not busy solving problems, she's definitely playing Rock Band.

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