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Product Updates: July 2021

New features


  • iorad is a new video format available in Northpass’ course builder!
  • Learners can now watch the steps and practice in real-time.

    This integration makes creating and sharing interactive product tutorials easy and the videos can be created directly in Northpass. 

    Want to learn more?
    Check out our support document on the iorad integration!

Northpass for HubSpot

  • As part of our HubSpot integration, Northpass passes learner activation and course completion data to HubSpot as timeline events. 
  • These timeline events can be used to trigger HubSpot workflows, segment lists, etc. From the Northpass configuration page, you have the ability to select which timeline events you would like to pass to HubSpot.


ILT Events

  • Learners can now add ILT events to their Outlook, Apple, and Google calendars, along with any email client that supports .ics files!

Course Publishing

  • Learners will now be alerted on their dashboard when a new course version is published. The alerts will be provided on both the course tile and as a banner.

  • Learners will be alerted within the learning experience when a course they are progressing in has been archived.

Course Settings

  • Admins and course managers can now easily access and manage their category listing directly from the course settings page all by the click of a button.


  • To support the learning experience Northpass rolled out a few months back, you can now customize the templates used as part of this fresh look and feel.

    Have no fear, we have the back of your engineering team. Check out the Northpass Developer Hub for guidance on customizing these templates.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when customers uploaded .docx and .pptx files to the Northpass platform, unexpected changes to the file layout and background would occur.

    However, the Northpass team has fixed this inconsistency and has even added a newly supported file format, .gif.
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