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Product Updates: February 2022

New Features

  • You can now configure video activities to automatically play whenever learners land on them.
  • Similarly, compatible SCORM files can also be configured to automatically open in fullscreen mode. When learners reach the end of SCORM content, the fullscreen will close automatically as well.

    Note: The above configurations are only available if you’re using v3 of our Course Viewer.


  • Customers using our HubSpot integration now have the ability to fully uninstall it from within Northpass.


Bug fixes

  • If a customer was using many categories, only the first 10 would be present in the filter menu when filtering courses. Now, that menu has been updated to show more than 10 categories. Additionally, you can search for the particular category you’re looking for
  • After refreshing the groups page to better align with our new brand, we realized that the group name was no longer visible when managing the group’s members or courses. This was confusing. Now, the group name is always present when managing a group.
  • When attempting to preview a draft course, admins would incorrectly receive a 500 error. This error has been resolved and draft courses can now be successfully previewed.
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