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Product Updates: December 2021


Admin/Manager Login Page

New year, new login page! 🎉

Northpass has updated the login page that greets admins and managers! This new login screen is presented when authenticating into the admin portal of the Northpass platform.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, if an academy was using Northpass’ Zoom integration and they deleted a session from a webinar using their Zoom account, the entire event would be deleted from Northpass.

    This has been resolved and the webinar event will now be retained in Northpass after a session is deleted via Zoom.
  • When previewing a school as a manager, customers were receiving a 500 error. To avoid receiving this error message, customers were required to preview the school as a learner.

    This has been fixed and admins/managers can now preview their content using either preview option.
About the Author

Samantha Czulada-Gillespie

Samantha Czulada-Gillespie is a Product Manager at Northpass. Outside of product sprint ceremonies, Sam enjoys being outdoors, channeling her inner Peloton Instructor, exploring local coffee shops, and food shopping (no that is not a typo).

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