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Product Updates: August 2021


Northpass for HubSpot: Timeline Events

  • In addition to learner activation and course completion data, Northpass now passes quiz completion data, including quiz score, to HubSpot as a timeline event.

    Enable this new timeline event directly from the Northpass configuration page. Timeline events can be used to trigger HubSpot workflows, segment lists, etc.

Northpass for HubSpot: Updated Course Names

  • When a course name is updated in Northpass, the updated course name will be pushed to the associated custom property in HubSpot.

    Passing updated course names keeps that data in Northpass and HubSpot aligned. Therefore, enabling seamless operations and learner experiences.


  • Talk about before & after shots! The communications tab has a refreshed look and feel.
    This update helps admins easily understand and manage the communication types that are enabled within their instance.

    Be on the lookout for other exciting updates regarding Northpass communications over the next several months.

Managers + Course Publishing

  • Publishing a course has been restricted to managers that have access to View, Add, and Edit Courses or View, Add, Edit, and Delete Courses.

    If a manager with insufficient permissions attempts to publish a course, they will be notified. This enhancement helps to ensure that the course does not hit primetime until it is ready to do so.

Milestone Default Score Value

  • When adding a milestone activity to a course, a default score value for the milestone has now been set at 0%. Admins and managers will be able to modify this default value.

    This enhancement ensures that courses cannot be published with an empty milestone score value.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when customers reordered course sections, the updates would not be reflected on the course cover page. This has since been resolved and the course syllabus will be presented as expected.
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