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Product Updates: April 2022

New Beta Features

Introducing….drumroll, please…Northpass Workflows!

Reduce the time spent doing administrative tasks for your learning program with an LMS that automates these burdens. Reinvest your newfound time into your learning program by focusing on what matters — delivering more impactful learning, at scale.

Want to automate your administrative tasks through our native Workflows tool?

Shoot us a note at beta@northpass.com to see if you qualify.



We updated our main, in-app navigation bar to make it:

  • Easier to find what you're looking for;
  • Meet web accessibility standards; and,
  • Make it more responsive to clear up buggy behavior.

Additionally, we’re giving many areas of the platform a facelift. You may have recently noticed a more consistent and organized “page header.” Stay tuned for more updates!

Bug fixes

  • Previously, if customers had over 100 courses in the learner-facing Course Catalog, then it would be impossible for learners to find the 101st course. We’ve addressed this, and now each of your courses in the catalog should be discoverable by your learners.
  • Some learners in academies using our LXv2 were unable to navigate to the Course Summary page. This was only occurring when the last activity in a course was a Milestone activity. Not to worry, we’ve fixed this bug.
  • At times, previewing a draft course would result in a 500 error. This should no longer be the case.
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Allyson heads up Product Management at Northpass. When she's not busy solving problems, she's definitely playing Rock Band.

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