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An Optimized Experience for the Modern Learner

Northpass’ sleek interface makes it easy for learners to engage with the content and retain critical information.

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Best In Class for Usability

Modern design

Northpass’ learner interface was built with modern design principles to ensure a sleek and frictionless online learning experience.

Easy navigation

Our learning experience navigation makes progressing through courses a breeze. Using a purposeful design approach, we make it easy for learners to stay engaged.

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A Fully Branded Experience

White-labeled design

From your brand’s logo to the most precise styling details, you can immerse learners in your brand experience as they engage in the training.

Custom domain

Customize your school’s domain to create a cohesive experience and ensure your learners see only your brand, every step of the way.


Optimized for the Learner

Content focused

The power behind any great training program is its content and how it's delivered. That is why we optimized the learning process by putting your content at center stage.

Learning tracks and certificates

Guide learners through a pre-set path to help them master specific content topics, and offer certificates upon completion of a course or track.


Captivate and Engage Learners

Diverse content types

Maximize learning by aligning your training topic to an ideal delivery format. Whether that format is video, audio, presentations, rich text or SCORM, we’ll help you maximize knowledge transfer.

Learner access and notifications

When it comes to course access, we help you meet learners where they are—no matter if that’s via email, on your website or in your mobile app. You can then send branded email reminders directly from Northpass.


Leverage Social Learning


Discussions and forums

Promote lively discussions to create a peer-to-peer community where learners help answer one another’s questions, contribute their expertise and propose new ideas.

Live sessions

Use your own web conferencing tools to conduct live online training. Hold Q&As, deliver product training, create a panel discussion and more.


Gain Feedback and Assess Mastery

Feedback surveys

Deliver beautiful, branded surveys to learners directly in Northpass. Solicit feedback, poll opinions and more with any embeddable survey tool.

Quizzes and assignments

Evaluate learners’ understanding of the content by integrating assignments and quizzes. You can also gate course progress based on learner quiz scores.

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