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Setting the Foundation
for a Successful Customer Academy

July 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Join us for a special, one-time webinar with the founding members of the HubSpot Academy team — Chris LoDolce, Lindsay Thibeault and Sarah Bedrick — as they walk through three key components of starting a successful customer academy. But, this won't be your ordinary webinar. That's because you'll have the opportunity to learn more about their real-world experiences that will help you shorten your academy's time-to-value.

Attendees should expect to walk away with the following knowledge:

  • Real-world examples of metrics and goals — at the business/department/team levels
  • Why stakeholder involvement and management is crucial to program success
  • Details around the processes associated with selecting a teaching framework, instructional design methodology and content creation

Powering Learning for Today's Fastest-Growing Companies


“At SPS, everything we do must bring value to our customers. We use Northpass to develop a more personalized onboarding experience for every customer that is easy to access and delivers the information and insight they need.”

-Karin Lukas Chief Customer Success Officer at SPS