Scaling an Engineering Org With Learning

Richard Posluszny ·

Jun 08, 2021

Earlier this year, the Northpass team launched a new blog. Unlike this one, which is intended for insights into Learning & Development, Customer Training, Northpass News and much more, this new destination has a more focused approach. That’s because it’s a place to discuss all things related to Product and Engineering.

If you haven’t stopped by, check out the Northpass Medium blog today. 

In his latest post, Northpass’ VP of Product, Rob Krystyniak, details how he is scaling the Product org with learning. 

At Northpass, we drink our own champagne. Meaning, while we offer a learning platform — and our expertise — that assists today’s leading businesses with the delivery of their training programs, we also make sure to practice what we preach.

We leverage the Northpass platform for employee onboarding and, additionally, we are putting it to work to onboard and educate our install base. But, that’s not all. We also are firm believers in establishing a learning-centric culture.

To see what that entails, check out Rob’s latest post.


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