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Sep 15, 2022

Getting your customers, workforce or partners to adopt your academy is harder than ever.

Between endless meetings, family commitments, plans with friends, strict project deadlines and the general on-the-go lifestyle, getting people to actually sit down, spend time with your content and retain the knowledge can seem out of reach.

To keep them coming back again and again, you need a little bit of luck, but also a strategy that encourages learning. A strategy like reaching them in the right place, at the right time (with the right message) to circumvent the other commitments and distractions they have. 

The good news? With Northpass’ new built-in communications tool, you can do just that.


Northpass communications tool


I’m Sold. Show Me Now.

Getting to Know Northpass' Communication Tool

“Hey, a new course is available. Check it out now.” 

“We haven’t seen you in a while. Where’d you go?” 

“Good morning! Our academy will be down for maintenance tomorrow.”

The effort is there with these default messages, but they fail to provide real value—they fail to connect with the person on the other side of the screen. 

Without relevancy, these messages—and any others you send to your learners—lose their luster. 

Northpass gives you an easy way to add that shine back. 


By giving you the flexibility to edit, customize and restructure messages to ensure they’re relevant, timely and address the individual needs of each of your learners. 

So, say goodbye to broad, default messaging that fails to capture your learners’ attention and hello to its hyper-personalized counterpart that drives academy engagement. 

Here’s what you can expect from our built-in communications tool:  

More Engagement

You now have a non-intrusive way to attract, inspire and motivate learners to engage with your academy — this means greater enrollment and more course completions. 

Want to inform your learners and get them excited about new courses they’ve been enrolled in? 


How about sending a one-time custom message about a specific course to groups of learners? 

You got it.

Need to nudge someone to finish a course they started last week? 

Easy as pie.

With Northpass, the messages you need to send to keep your learners engaged are always just a few clicks away. You will instantly see more enrollments, higher completion rates and more engagement overall. 


Say it with me: No. Two. Learners. Are. The. Same. 

This is why blended learning is a must. 

It’s also why you need a learning management system that allows you to send messages and notifications that cater to each learner’s unique needs.

Northpass gives you just that. 

With our built-in communications tool, you can tailor messages, show them that you understand their needs and connect with them on a deeper level. 

And guess what? Engagement will follow.

According to OneSignal’s 2022 State of Customer Messaging report, personalized notifications have a 259% higher engagement rate than those that don’t.


More Time

We know that a successful academy relies on more than just your learners; your admins and managers behind the scenes play a big part in its success, too. 

With built-in automation features, you’ll instantly increase operational efficiencies, winning your team back the time they’d otherwise spend on manual and time-consuming tasks, like sending messages to learners individually. 

In addition to automation, administrators and managers can now manage all communications in the same place as the rest of their learning functionality, simplifying their logistics and operations, saving them, even more, time and effort.​​

Collectively, these features win your team back valuable time they can spend focusing on core
business tasks and revenue-generating activities. 

Want to learn more about Northpass’ new built-in communications tool? Reach out today to see it in action.

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