LMS Quizzes: Should They Be a Part of Your Online Learning Program?

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Oct 29, 2021

Think of LMS quizzes like a road test. Yes, the same one that saw you parallel park for the last time. Unlike parallel parking, however, LMS quizzes aren’t something you’ll only use once. For online learning teams, these quizzes will play a part in your online learning program for years to come.  

What Are LMS Quizzes?

LMS quizzes are a type of learning content that gives employees, customers, channel partners or other parties that rely on your online training the chance to test their knowledge. LMS quizzes can be the culmination of a single course or the finale of a Learning Path. They’re pass or fail most of the time and often serve as a prerequisite to access certain content. 

Types of LMS Quizzes

Not every quiz in your academy should look, feel or behave the same. The type of quiz you use will depend on your learning objective, which is why most modern learning management systems (LMS), including Northpass, offer different quiz types from which to choose.

  • Dynamic Quizzes

    Dynamic Quizzes use question banks to ensure learners get different and randomized content.
  • Static Quizzes

    Static Quizzes provide each person with the same experience.
  • Time Quizzes

    With Timed Quizzes, you can set how long someone has to complete the quiz.

Are LMS Quizzes Worth Your (and Your Learners’) Time?

Two of the primary goals of any online learning program are to get people to consume the content and retain it. If they don’t, your content — and learning program as a whole — won’t achieve its objective. It’s up to you to implement strategies and tactics that aid in knowledge retention. LMS quizzes are a great way to do that. 

The study revealed that students who studied and were then tested had better long-term recall of the materials, even on information not covered by the tests.

After one hour, people retain less than half of the information they received during training. After one day, that number grows to more than 70% and 75% after six days. Simply presenting information isn’t enough to get people to remember what you’re teaching them; another layer is necessary. 

Why not use LMS quizzes?

According to a study, activities incorporating retrieval practice (e.g., tests and quizzes) are effective learning tools that can produce long-term retention. So, are LMS quizzes worth your time? Well, ask yourself this: Is knowledge retention critical to the success of my online learning program? If you answered “yes,” LMS quizzes are absolutely worth it. 

How Do You Create a Quiz in an LMS? 5 Easy Steps

LMS quizzes have a lot of value and can enhance the learning experience and boost knowledge retention. But are they easy to create? I can’t speak for every LMS vendor, but if you’re using Northpass, setting up a quiz is simple. 

LMS Quiz Setup in Northpass

  1. Click “Content” and select “Quizzes” (If you're choosing Dynamic Quizzes, click here first to create a Question Bank).
  2. Enter a name for the question bank and click “Create.” You’ll have two choices: Static Quiz and Dynamic Quiz.

    Dynamic quizzes step 2.1

    Dynamic quizzzes step 2.2
  3. For a Static Quiz, you can use Multiple Choice or Short Answer.

    Step 3.1

    For a
    Dynamic Quiz, you'll have to choose the information you'd like to include for the quiz.

    step 3.2

    You can add personalizations into the questions like the first name or employee ID of the learner, by clicking +Personalization to the right.

    By clicking Settings at the left, you can re-name, clone, or delete the quiz completely. Note: deleting a quiz also deletes all analytics as well, permanently.
  4. Review your selections and click Save + Close. You're now ready to add quizzes from the Courses tab in Content.
  5. When you add a Quiz Activity to your course, you will now see your Static and Dynamic Quizzes available in the dropdown. Choose the quiz you would like to use:

    step 5.1

If you selected Dynamic Quiz, you must choose whether the questions should be completely randomized or, or should be randomized but still presented grouped in their categories:

LMS Quizzes: A Secret Ingredient for Knowledge Retention

For your online learning program to succeed, people have to retain the information you’re presenting to them, which is easier said than done. Most learning solutions on the market today offer features that account for this. LMS quizzes are a prime example of this. 

To learn more about Northpass and how we can help you improve the knowledge retention of your learners, reach out today. 

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