Challenge Accepted: Northpass Addresses the COVID-19 Crisis Head-on

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Steve Cornwell ·

Apr 01, 2020

Northpass provides complimentary learning solutions for healthcare-focused companies battling global emergency.


On behalf of the Northpass team, we hope this announcement finds you and your loved ones in good health during these extraordinary times.


As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continue to grow on a global basis, Northpass has taken decisive action. In an effort to assist organizations that are directly battling the COVID-19 health crisis, today we’re announcing the release of a response package that provides complimentary use — for up to six months* — of our software for qualified companies. 


Our goal: Enable the rapid deployment of critical training systems necessary to support key stakeholders in the fight against this pandemic. By empowering an organization’s front-line workers that are pivoting in their duties or being onboarded as new hires, our hope is that these solutions can play a small role in assisting businesses who are responding to this emergency yet are inundated with surging workforce demands. 


We consider it a privilege to offer our solutions in this time of need.


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The Northpass response package consists of: 


    • Course authoring: For the rapid creation and deployment of learning content at scale
    • COVID-19 courseware: To get learners up-to-speed with foundational information about this all-new virus
    • Tracking & reporting: Administrator-level tools designed to ensure the highest possible engagement and completion rates for your workforce
    • Certification engine: To assist in defining what success looks like and the issuance of credentials upon the completion of assigned training modules along a worker’s enablement journey
    • Mobile learning interface: A mobile-friendly user experience that keeps learners engaged if they prefer to access coursework across a multitude of devices
    • Implementation assistance: If needed, Northpass can aid in the creation of content and getting your program up and running
    • Customer support: The Northpass team is here to answer your product-related questions and address issues on the fly


These complimentary learning solutions are being provided exclusively for the following companies:


    • Healthcare organizations deploying a workforce to the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis
    • Manufacturing companies who are designing/producing medical products and personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Logistics businesses serving as the delivery and distribution infrastructure for mission-critical medical supplies
    • Healthcare staffing agencies sourcing roles to combat surging demand attributable to the COVID-19 emergency
    • Telehealth and telemedicine companies currently connecting front-line workers and patients affected by COVID-19
    • In-home healthcare service providers who are experiencing increases in workforce demands due to the current health crisis
    • Healthcare non-profit and educational organizations offering training programs related to COVID-19


“Due to COVID-19’s wide-reaching impact, which has led to a significant increase in the recruiting and hiring of healthcare workers, HealthcareSource has been relying on Northpass more than ever,” said Deb Vargovik, director of HealthcareSource’s The Recruiter Academy. “By helping evangelize our continuing education program, and inform our sourcing experts of new practices to recruit and train healthcare workers facing a highly infectious virus, Northpass has delivered exceptional value on the frontlines.”


In addition, Northpass’ complimentary use of software is available for businesses that have pivoted away from their core product offering to support the COVID-19 response by reallocating resources to produce medical supplies or PPE.


To learn more about our response package, please email:


To schedule a meeting with a Northpass team member, please visit our website and select the COVID-19 option from our chatbot.


We extend our deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, people who are currently fighting the illness and companies suffering significant economic distress as a result of this global pandemic.


Additionally, we would also like to offer encouragement and support to the brave people working around the clock to cultivate a vaccination, manufacture and distribute PPE, and hire and train healthcare workers who are saving lives. Thank you.




Steve Cornwell




* Complimentary use expires December 31, 2020.

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