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  • BambooHR

    Easily deliver and manage online training for your employees from BambooHR.

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    Easily deliver and manage online training for your employees in BambooHR.

    Key Features

    • Learners can automatically log into Northpass using their BambooHR account.
    • Leverage data from BambooHR to give employees course access.
    • Sync employee and course completion data between your BambooHR & Northpass account.
    • Track non-compliant employees and send and receive notifications based on compliance.
    • Automatically remove course access when an employee leaves the company.


    You’ll need a BambooHR account to use this integration. Visit www.bamboohr.com for more information.


    Our BambooHR integration allows you to easily give your employees access to Northpass courses and report on the course completion data in BambooHR. Visit www.bamboohr.com/live-demo for more information.

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  • Fountain

    Track workers throughout your funnel, and ensure they receive the right content at the right time.

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  • Google Analytics

    Monitor traffic in your learning center and learner engagement in your courses.

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  • Customer.io

    Send emails to learners based on actions they take within your courses.

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  • API Access

    Enable communication between your systems and Northpass to automate workflows.

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  • Salesforce

    Gain visibility into how learners are progressing through your courses by using Salesforce in combination with Northpass.

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