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Online Training for Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Northpass’ customizable learning platform gives customer success teams the tools needed to design and launch a fully branded online training center for every step of your customer lifecycle. Create online courses, develop certification programs and track learner data—all from a single platform. Using Northpass, you can launch your training program in weeks and manage it efficiently as you scale it to users around the world.

Our customers are streamlining their user onboarding processes, reducing customer churn, decreasing support costs and seeing an overall increase in customer happiness.


Deliver User Onboarding and Increase Product Usage

Notify customers of new feature releases and drive usage. Conduct user onboarding, educate users on the benefits of each feature and watch them derive even greater value from your offerings. Knowledgeable customers result in greater customer happiness and increased success with your product.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

When users are self-sufficient, support costs are reduced, and your account teams can manage larger customer portfolios. By making online training a central tenant in your customer lifecycle and success strategy, you'll teach users how to get the most from your product and quickly transform them into experts.

Streamline Customer Training from a Single Platform

Bring your training manuals, live sessions and tutorial videos into a central training platform that matches your brand and integrates within your website and products. When you deliver engaging training content when and where your customers need it, you’ll train more users for a fraction of the cost.

Software-as-a-Service Sps

On Northpass, SPS Commerce created and delivered training to more than 70,000 members of its retail network.

"As a next-generation LMS, Northpass has equipped us with the necessary technology to train and engage with our customers in a meaningful way. As a result, we were able to advance our customer relationships and improve the way we interact with them.”

–Beth Jacob, Chief Customer Success Officer
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Develop an Industry Certification Program

Your user community is passionate about your product, and their expertise on your features is valuable to employers. Deepen your relationship with your users by offering them a certification program they can use to showcase their expertise—all while you’re attracting new users to your brand.


Profit from Premium Customer Training Offerings

Reposition your instructor-led events as premium services by launching a full catalog of self-paced learning. Make your self-paced courses available at any time, from delivering industry expertise to customer onboarding, and beyond. Begin charging for high-end, in-person training and transform your customer training program into a profit center.

Boost NPS and Reduce Customer Churn

Customers who are experts on your products and methodologies will be more satisfied and more likely to recommend you to their peers. Go beyond basic onboarding and support. Use online training to ensure your customers understand the full scope of your offerings and can apply your best practices within their businesses. As a result, you will see an increase in satisfaction and a decrease in customer churn.

Non-Profit Organization Mars

Northpass worked with the MaRS team to streamline content delivery and achieve staggering learner engagement results.

"We rely on technology to do the heavy lifting of bringing our users into the platform and getting them to interact with the content. Northpass has the capability of making that process automated. Now that we don’t have to worry about the delivery mechanism, we’re able to focus on creating great content."

–Aislinn Malszecki, Senior Associate
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Attract and Nurture Potential Customers

You can offer great value to the public by sharing your industry expertise through online courses. It’ll also help you bring in leads that didn’t otherwise know about your company. Use thought leadership courses to nurture these prospects into paying customers.

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