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Take your online training program to the next level

The Beginner's Guide to Creating an Online Training Program

What’s Next?


Throughout the five steps of the Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Online Training Program, we consistently emphasized the importance of launching with less and taking an iterative approach to your training program. This logic is rooted in the idea that every training program should be highly tailored and targeted at specific learner personas.

At Northpass, we work with a diverse portfolio of companies, from non-profits to top SaaS platforms, each with their own unique business model and training use case. For those who are just starting with online training, the most effective way to develop great content is to look at the behavior and feedback of the learners who receive it. In order to do that, you must actually launch, to some extent, a training program.

The program may not be perfect. The design may not be fully polished. The catalog may not even contain more than one course. However, launching an minimum viable product (MVP) will offer you highly meaningful insight into the quantitative and qualitative data needed to make your training program great.

As you work through this process, use the success metrics outlined in this guide to help you show ROI and identify key areas that can be improved. You will find that the guide is meant to function more as a cycle, requiring you to continually revisit your goals, update and build new content and listen to your learners. Working through this guide may have been the beginning of your journey to create an online training program, but for successful programs, there is no end. There is only more learning to be done, more improvements to be made and greater impact to be had.