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Northpass + Shopify Case Study

Learn how Shopify achieved a 491% increase in monthly customer academy usage.

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How SaaS Companies Train and Educate Their Customers

In This Case Study, You'll Learn:



How Shopify’s merchants were not maximizing the full potential of the Shopify platform and offerings.



How Northpass provided Shopify with a modern and captivating approach to customer education.



How Shopify has delivered over 148 courses to 400,000+ learners in just three years.

Chris Williams Partner Accelerator Shopify

"Northpass provides all of the robust front-end customization and options you would expect from a modern SaaS platform. What truly sets their LMS apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training."

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Learn From Shopify's Success

Become a customer education rockstar!

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