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Why Choose Northpass?

Northpass is not your average LMS. We are a team of passionate online training experts on a mission to create the most seamless online learning experience. Whether you’re looking to streamline course creation, easily manage your online community, or better engage your learners, we offer the cutting-edge technology and expertise necessary to impact your training metrics.

Explore Our Approach to Online Training to Learn Why We’re Different

Impacting Training Metrics that Matter


We believe in making training your company’s competitive advantage. Training alone should never be the end goal but rather a means to achieve larger business goals.

That’s why our customer success roadmap includes steps to uncover your pain points, pinpoint your goals and strategize on a plan to impact your business metrics.

Other LMSs

The average LMS allows you to check off features on an RFP. Based on the premise that the purpose of online training is to “push” content to the learner, they see training delivery as the first, last and only goal for your training program.

Focusing on What’s Most Important: The Learning Experience


Northpass focuses on the learner—and our product is proof of that mission. Our learning experience is best-in-class for ease of use, sleek design and making the training content center stage. The result: optimized engagement, active participation, knowledge transfer and retention.

Other LMSs

The average LMS prioritizes feature volume, while making interface usability a secondary goal. With their quantity-over- quality approach, the learning experience can become cluttered, which causes friction for the learner. Those barriers make it difficult for learners to engage, learn and glean relevant information.

Embedded Training for Contextual Learning to Meet Learners, Just in Time


For Northpass, training is just one piece of a larger funnel, with goals and action items that come before and after it.

To help move learners through this lifecycle, delivering contextual learning should be a top priority. From watching embedded training videos from a mobile app to participating in discussions on a desktop browser, learners should be able to engage how and when they want. This flexibility enables learners to progress faster and more meaningfully, to reach the goals you set for them.

With the expertise from our Beginner's Guide to Creating an Online Training Program and our suite of product integrations, we can help you track and move your learners through this lifecycle.

Other LMSs

The average LMS sees online training as a destination. Learners use a desktop to navigate to a separate, designated area to view content, and that is typically viewed as the last stop in their journey.

For these LMSs, what matters most is that training is delivered, accessed and completed. They do not provide tools for you to understand what learners do with the information or if they are reaching higher-level goals.

Scale Training with Learning Automation


We believe learning automation is a good thing. It’s not about removing the personal touch from training but rather streamlining operational tasks so your team can focus on creating engaging content and targeting more strategic training goals.

From our authentication options to our API, we equip you with the tools to automate workflows between systems so you can make learning experiences both powerful and personal.

Other LMSs

The average LMS focuses on dated administrative functionalities that were first created for academic use. Features such as gradebooks, due dates, and manually enrolling students in courses are not practical or scalable for a business.

Removing the LMS Learning Curve


On Northpass, anyone can create a great online training program and launch within 30 days. We provide the necessary technology, resources and support you need to author modules directly within our platform.

You can delegate authoring and management responsibilities to any subject matter expert in your company, then quickly and easily give your learners access through a simple link or our SSO capabilities.

Other LMSs

The average LMS builds features and functionalities for teams of instructional designers and e-learning experts. They require their customers to purchase, learn and use external authoring tools to create content or buy costly, pre-made courses.

The process is extensive, taking many months and abundant resources to complete. To maintain pre-made content, new or updated material must be purchased from the content development agency. Or, if content was developed using authoring software, maintenance involves editing outside the LMS, then exporting and re-uploading.