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Webinar: Kickstart your on-demand training program

Supercharge operations and growth with a step-by-step framework for launching online training

Over the past 8 years, on-demand companies have modernized the law of supply and demand. With more than $12 billion being invested every year, there’s no surprise the community of on-demand workers is growing rapidly.

What's been made obvious quickly is that proper workforce onboarding (in the on-demand space) is a guaranteed path to consistent experiences for consumers. This consistency is essential for building brand loyalty and solidifying revenue growth. Training is an integral part of any successful onboarding program.

In this recorded webinar, Julee Ho, Product Marketing Manager at SchoolKeep, will discuss:

  • How to gather your resources
  • Determining your program scope and implementation strategy
  • Establishing clear metrics
  • Forming your team and creating a plan

This webinar will be perfect if you:

  • Work for a tech-enabled company
  • Need to streamline onboarding / training operations
  • Need to train an on-demand workforce or merchant partners
  • Want to learn how to get started building content for your on-demand training program