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Let's Chat

Your Journey with Northpass

Implementation Specialist
Implementation Specialist

Design and launch your program within days.


Launch Quickly with Personalized Onboarding

At the start of our engagement, most plans include an assigned a team member to ensure you're able to launch quickly and successfully. They will get to know your business, help you define your training goals and show you how to configure our platform to meet the unique needs of your program.

Our team members are experts on our platform and well-versed in training best practices. Above all, they're committed to the success of your training program.

Product Documentation
Product Documentation

Learn SchoolKeep with clear and complete user guides.

Product Documentation

Learn Northpass with Intuitive Documentation

Learn every aspect of Northpass at your pace using our knowledge base. We ensure that every feature and product update is documented clearly and comprehensively before release. We provide step-by-step user guides with clear product screenshots that teach you how to optimize your usage of the platform. You can also access helpful support articles that answer the most frequently asked questions.

Using our knowledge base, you and your team will become experts on the Northpass platform in no time.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Partner with an expert to ensure your long-term success.

Customer Success

Partner with a Dedicated Customer Success Team Member

For our Advanced plan and above, we assign a customer success team member to oversee the long-term growth and success of your program. This person will help you monitor how your program influences business metrics and develop opportunities to boost your training's impact on your company. You can reach Customer Success by email and phone.

Your success is our success, and our team is committed to ensuring you always have an outstanding experience with Northpass.

Help Ticket Center
Help Ticket Center

Receive timely and thorough responses to your inquiries.

Help Ticket Center

Receive Fast, Accurate Responses to Your Inquiries

Your inquiries will receive timely and accurate responses from our team of product and training experts. If you have a question or need help, you can submit your requests through our online support center. We'll acknowledge your inquiry quickly and connect with the right person to get you the answer you need.

We prioritize customer service above all else. From implementation to ongoing support, you'll always receive timely answers to your questions.

Training Resource Center
Training Resource Center

Become an expert in online training practices with helpful resources.

Visit Resource Center
Training Resource

Optimize Your Online Training Program with Industry Best Practices

It takes more than great technology to create an exceptional online training program. It's also about developing meaningful content, engaging your audience effectively and ensuring you make a positive impact on your KPIs. Our robust resource center allows you to do just that, with blog posts, whitepapers and videos on the latest news, methodologies and trends in eLearning.

With Northpass, you get more than a great platform. You get a team of experts and a wealth of resources to help you along your entire journey.

You're In Good Company

From the fastest-growing startups to Fortune 500 Enterprises, the world's best brands use Northpass to train employees, customers, and partners.

  • "Northpass provides all of the robust front-end customization and options you would expect from a modern SaaS platform. What truly sets their LMS apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem."

    Chris Williams, Partner Accelerator
  • "Northpass allowed us to put together a robust product learning curriculum in less than a day and helped us reduce the on-boarding time for both new employees and partner organizations."

    Mondee Lu
    Mondee Lu, User Advocate, Everlaw
  • "Using Northpass, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in engagement from our entrepreneurs. There is strong comprehension and great movement through the course content."

    Aislinn Malszecki
    Aislinn Malszecki, Online Content Strategy, MaRS Discovery District

We Are the Industry Experts

We've observed the most successful training programs across the world's leading brands, and we've consolidated these practices into our Beginner's Guide to Creating an Online Training Program. This 5-step process will help you create and optimize your training program.

View Framework

Define your learner personas and training goals


Create a topical outline of your first course


Produce your content, and build your course


Deliver the courses to your target audience


Analyze learning metrics and learner feedback

View Framework

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